Below are the following activities stated by us which are going to be served by company. As we kthe function and program are carried in smooth way when the layout of any following event is planned properly.

The service will be provided according to your selection of a program and cost of a program and the cost of desing selected by the consumer .The content provided in the following program will be according to the selection of service and event. The cost and the details of any event will get changed according to the event type selection.


In wedding card structured details will be provided such as

  • Name of the person getting married with the details of with whom he/she getting married for the clarity of persons identification with the details of their education as well.
  • Details of their parents and the main participants or family members will be disclosed
  • Name and the timimg of main events and sub events will be given according to the selection .
  • Also the address with a in built application attached to the event place or where the function is taking place.
  • Contact number and photo of any family member will be disclosed for the identifitation.