Why you'll love it

Why Digital Invitations?

Each and every detail about your Wedding at one place such as a photograph, contact details, location, the time and any other detail of your events you want. Just one click and boom. digital invitations are mainly eco friendly.save the paper save the world.

Send paperless invites

Send Paperless Invitations

An invitation at one click and your event information is passed on in a minute to each and every person in your contact list through a effortless method.

Share It Easily

As described earlier a quick and effortless method with all information received on your screen. which can be shared with your contact list within minutes or second and all you have to do is select and click.

Google Map Direction

Google Map Direction

Convince feature which save the time to travel and gives the proper location detail about the event taking place and also show with the information of shortest route line as well as know me feature of the Google map application.